The Fruit of Mission

fruit-1024x768A fine looking man of medium height sits down behind a drum in the front row of the seating. The start of the Church Service is a few minutes away. He flicks through a song book, searching for a song to sing. Finding the desired song, he calls out the name of the song and number, and begins to beat the drum while singing.

Gradually the people sitting behind him in their wooden pews join in the song. Soon, many are singing, some with eyes closed. As my eyes scan around the large church building I see more and more children, young people, adults, gathering for this New Year's Day service, 2017.

A sense of anticipation builds, as more and more people fill the building. The children bunch up together in the pew chatting quietly. Older women sitting at the front sing and pray. It seems to be the place reserved for them. Many are wearing a white headdress. There is a character and dignity about them as they sing and worship.

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PiNZ Logo on whitePioneers New Zealand is a growing mobilising agency operating in New Zealand since 1998. Our parent body is Pioneers International, an organisation that supports over 3,000 members working in more than 300 teams in cross-cultural Christian ministry around the globe.

We are seeking a person to take a major role in managing and leading our mobilisation work in New Zealand and in contributing to the operation and growth of Pioneers International.

The board wishes to consolidate the collective leadership model begun in 2015 with the appointment of two people to share the role of director in an interim capacity. This position requires a person with proven skills in collaborative and effective team leadership. Our major specification is that the person is called by God to do the work and is of proven character as a transformational leader.

The appointment could be to either a full- or part-time position depending on the circumstances of the person appointed. The team approach provides flexibility to tailor the specific responsibilities to make full use of the appointee's gifts, skills and experience.

Some remuneration is available for the position. As Pioneers New Zealand revenue comes mainly from worker contributions and is limited, staff are expected to raise some personal financial support.

Pioneers New Zealand is based in Auckland. However, it may be possible for the director to reside elsewhere depending on individual circumstances.

Expressions of interest should be sent to Bev on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Application packs will be available in February 2017.



Resources, advice and opportunities for individuals exploring a call to serve.

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Groups & Churches

Helping churches to develop their call to world mission through resourcing and communication.

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Linking people and expertise, and profiling partner organisations in preparation for mobilisation.

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Training & Events

Learning options for groups and individuals through study programmes and events.

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